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Unleash Your Creativity with Tanya’s Art Classes 

Let's create great art together

Whether you’re beginner or more experienced artist, whether it’s for you or your children, I, Tanya Freedman can create a custom art class full of fun, cool techniques and confidence-boosting lessons.

Learn to draw, enjoy watercolours, pastels or acrylics.

Choose a Sunday afternoon (your choice of time) or after school program (your choice of time) 



Minimum 4 students – Maximum 8 students

DATE: Mon/Tues/Wed or Thursdays

WHERE: Bathurst & Clark, (Thornhill)

LET’S GET PAINTING: For more information please call and Register:  (416) 275 6616 – Tanya Freedman

Canadian Pine Sunset by Tanya Freedman

Canadian Pine Sunset

more great projects we can create together

Q&A: Some questions you may have:

Q: BEGINNER: I’m a beginner, can I join your class?

A: Yes, absolutely. If you have an interest and commitment to enjoy the process, then you’ll have a fabulous time learning to paint and draw. My programs are customized to teach you the basics in a fun way, and building on what you’re learning throughout the program.

Q: I’m a senior, may I join your classes?

A: Of course, everyone is welcome to the adult art classes. And if you have a few friends who may want to join you, then I’d be glad to customize a class just for you. Minimum 4 artists, of varying levels of experience.

Q: MATERIALS: Do I have to buy your oil pastel art kit or can I bring my own materials?

A: Although you can of course bring your own materials I have found over the years that the students really enjoy and get much more benefit of using the same art supplies that everyone else is using: Not just because of the colours and the quality that may differ from brand to brand, (I have a lot of experience with many of them and now use and supply you with the best student quality that is very reasonably priced) but also because there are so many varieties of materials that may give you an unsatisfactory result, which in turn may disappoint the new student who may think it was their inability that was to blame. 

If you like you can call me, Tanya Freedman to discuss further: (416) 275 6616

Q: NO ART EXPERIENCE: I haven’t got any experience in art, may I still register and join the art classes?


Q: Do I have to come to every art class, every Sunday?

A: No, you don’t, but of course you would get a lot more out of the whole program as you’ll learn different things in different classes; like I’ll teach drawing and watercolours after we’ve learned the basics of blending and shading with oil pastels etc. 



Please call me with any more questions you may have, or to Register now to save your spot in this fun art program: (416) 275 6616

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you want to take art classes with me?
Tanya Freedman,

TANYA'S art classes MISSION

Jolly Good Art Classes Mission is: To bring joy to any student wanting to discover, explore, learn and cultivate artistic creativity in a fun, encouraging and safe environment.

While this website continues to be updated, please message me via the form or email below.

I cannot wait to create beautiful inspiring art together!

Tanya freedman